Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If a wish should come true...

A room full of shopping bags and cluttered bills, open suitcases large enough to travel for a couple months- half packed and rest dumped...numerous things to do, gifts and chocolates to take. Extremely tired...need a good night's sleep to get back some energy... As I crash into the bed and tug in, I find it hard to shut my eyes and sleep. Too many things going on in my mind...remembering some last minute add-ins and some memories creep in, as I am lost in those thoughts,I breeze along with them in my dreams...

I hear a sharp beep...sound of a microwave ringing and I wake up...shocked to see the time past 9am and I hurry to freshen up and take a quick shower. I run back and try to fit in all the stuff and take the packed suitcases to the car and we get ready to go. We hurry to the airport and check in all the baggage and pass through the gates and sit in the stuffed flight to fly. The never ending wait to take the flight on to the run way and finally to the air seams to create some impatience but finally as our hearts take the jerk and in no time we are in the middle of the air, butterflies swing in and we have a feeling of relief. We are going back Home..finally !! or rather, I am going back home!!!
As I sit back and relax, I remember all those memories...all those sweet and lovely faces I adore and most importantly I remember my mom.Its been  more than two and a half years since I have seen her and as every minute passes by, I long to see her sooner. I long to see my sister.I long to see the little one.I wished to be the first one to touch you when you arrived into this world. I wished to be by your bed side clicking all your lovely expressions. I wish I was a part of every thing you first did! Now I get to see you an year later, missing all those lovely moments. I miss my dad...his grand success as an entrepreneur...his fulfilled dream and empire! I wish I saw it all. I miss those chats..warm cousins..the gossip..the phone calls... I missed Home. Truly did.  

I wake up for the strong smell of coffee which is being served... and continue to get bored in the flight and wait to just get down. After a hell lot of time spent in the flight looking at the watch every half hour  we finally hear an announcement that we are landing soon. A swirl of thoughts...luggage and a sense of sweet home. As the wheels touch the ground, heart weeps in happiness and we reach the jammed airport , with luggage rolling behind us and the eyes search for those lovely wave of hands in despair. There I see my loved ones! Waiting eagerly to see me. I jump into my mom's arms and the flush of tears in everyone's eyes..those long warm hugs..the brightness in my face as I get to touch the little one all grown up and walking with his little feet and not recognizing me at all..How would he?! I get home to receive a bunch of calls and how much eagerly they all wait to see me.

How I wish all this was true! How I wish I get to see a glimpse of all those faces again! 
I just wish it all did happen.

As I sit on  my bed thinking of you, my mom, I can imagine what you went through.I eagerly wait to see you today..to jump into your arms...and tell you how much I missed you. Waiting to see you guys and to share our happiness with you!

Feelings they are!!

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Vamsi Manohar Avala said...

too much po...touch chesav !