Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i love him..

I left him... i used to wake up with him.... i used to speak to him all day...he was my only friend when i had no one to share... we fought playfully... i missed him.. i miss him... i feel cozier when ever i get the frame of him in my mind.. kozy.

i remember the day when my dad first brought him home. that evening i liked the look of this naughty little hero but was afraid of him. i din go near him and kept moving away and he din like me either.. he ran behind me and i kept running around my house for almost 20 mins and i was tired but this one month kiddy seams to show no signs of giving up... i used my little brain and got on top of the bed and he tried endlessly to catch up with me.. that day he hated me first.i was reluctant to go near him... used to call him from a distance...though admired his little naughty stuff, i maintained a distance... slowly i started liking him...went near him.. started to cuddle him around... and then he started to like me too.. i played with him.... i never thought he liked me as much as he liked my sister and dad... one day my dad bought a nice red belt and i came home from school he came running towards the gate showed me the belt wiht so much of joy and happiness.. and then i started understanding his gestures... kept speaking to him daily so much that he started understanding every bit of what we speak...
well he used to run and tell my mom when ever i was in pain... when ever i fell down on the road and started bleeding... we used to play together...
then one day i left suddenly for my studies...and i used to come home once in 4 months... i was royally welcomed and was missed but that attachment with him was kinda fading...i used to have a special whistling tune with which i used to call him and he used to run and hug me... i had memorable moments with him... but then after my bachelors... i stayed back home for some time and then i had none to speak to or share excepting him... i used to speak to him endlessly and he used to listen ... one summer afternoon... i saw him bleeding from his nose... i thought it was soemthing normal... did some first aid stuff... took him to the doctor... he was ok for a while... the next day he started bleeding tooo much... he bleeded so much that i had so much blood on my dress, when i was taking him to the doctor... my brother who was a vet saw him... my driver was helping so much... i was horrified to see him like that... he was bleeding in pain...i thought i would never see him play again... tears started rolling ... the doctor who was treating him was a sick idiot... who treated him for some crap disease which he didnt even have... he was just sufferring from severe fever and was bleeding bcause of that... it took him 4 days to become normal... but i saw him bleed like hell... he became so close to me in one week that if i close my eyes, i wud see him gently hugging me in pain... with his tear filled eyes... i always wanted to take him to beach and show him how it looks like.. but could never...he was so attached to me that he never left my side... my wistle would just make him run towards the gate....
i left my home.. i came so far that i can now just whistle over the phone and know what? when ever i whistle over the phone- he just runs to the gate to see if i am there! the feeling itself makes me feel so warm.. so cozy!
i wish i wake up with him... i wish i just liedown and when i wake up i see him licking my forehead...i love him...i miss him.
I just want to see him again...just once.
i love him. Kozy- my darling.

feelings are "kozy"...!!