Sunday, March 26, 2006

Feeling guilty?!

Did u ever feel guilty? Man without mistakes?!! It’s not impossible. But don’t u think its rare? But realizing their mistakes…what about that? What if they feel guilty of what they have done? Will the mistake be forgiven? Don’t you think feeling guilty itself is realization? And the thought of not making the mistake struck him already?
The momentary mistakes sure make you feel guilty… they haunt you for the rest of your life… but don’t they deserve any pity? What cud be the solution for getting rid of the guilt? Does the person have anyone to share his guilt? What if he doesn’t act good after he shares it? Trust!! This is what is required… isn’t it? If faith on the person takes a upper hand, then can the person be as normal as he is? Mistakes once committed, are forgivable… twice, can be thought of the circumstances…. It shudnt be repeated or else it will be a habit… but over a period of time if he wants to come out of the situation… cant he be forgiven? Does he have to prove himself that he is feeling guilty for what he is doing? If hez not forgiven..Then it haunts him even more…. What do u say?

Feeling guilty??!!!

Well feelings are truly fickle and varied.. Aren’t they?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

thoughts... thoughts
thoughts keep running in ur mind...they run so fast that sometimes u have a feeling you have rolled the past in a few mins..u may be happy rolling the past or u dont want to think about it again...?! few things u treasure in life fade off easily.. u part from ur dear ones... ur frenz are gone or busy vth their own life..every one is there for you..but still u r seams big n indifferent to ur feelings...u have lost nothing..but u gained nill..u r occupied vth useless thoughts.. sitting idle makes u think like hell...ur future,ur surroundings, ur relations,ur ambitions...but when u sit back ..relaxed n cooool....u have tons of things to think about...but at that point nothing strikes u.. u jus want to have a gr8 for ur self...njoy the sunrise..on the seashore..munch it vth ur coffee...but u simply smile ...thoughts keep running...but u r happy ..u have a feeling that u r happy...that makes a difference...its all in how u take feeling makes a big difference to ur life..u jus have to be happy... within...
jus chill n is so small...jus grab ur bit of it.. u have a gr8 time ahead... have a feeling u r happy makes u happy...n then u do wonders!!
feelings are fickle n varied...arent they?!