Monday, April 24, 2006

It lies within...

what matters most?
while i was in my teens, i read an article which has this intresting conversation

" How are you able to form these vessels so that they possess such convincing beauty? "

"Oh" answers the potter,
"you are looking at the mere outward shape.What I am forming lies within. I am intrested only in what remains after the pot has been broken."

It is not the pots we are forming,but ourselves.

It takes many years to build our selves....but seconds to ruin it..!The beauty of a person lies within. n jus within...

feelings too are within! arent they?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A walk early in the morning...

Last night I was struggling to catch some sleep but somehow cudnt. So got up a lil early n decided on going for a walk on the beach side..... took a small round n sat on my bench( where i sit vth my frenz usually) ...was lazy to walk sat there for quite sometime n was observing people passing by.... people were disscussing about weekend meetings... yday's match... ... rang de basanti...humming pop... spiritual talks... we have to buy a flat... my son drives very fast....jessica's murder case... coach was seriuos with my performance..... this girl is too skinny, god knows y .... ISB offers.... book ur visa date soon.... yoga has good..... he jus called me!!... my latest ring tone.... a group of "beach walkers association" discussing to have a cricket match ...i love coffee,this guy makes it real good... this reminded me of

I jus strolled till the coffee shop...bought one, n walked back but saw my bench already occupied by the walkers association walked even further n sat a few yards away from them..such that their discussion was stil audible...and then a elderly man jus passed by hurriedly not to miss clicking the rising sun( he woke up late...?? sun!!) ... was listenning to some classical music being played from a small temple there... was thinking about my admissions n stuff but was lost in some vague thoughts...wasnt really thinking much..but something was missing..the sun was amazing..bright enuf...still sipping my coffee... n then an old man sat beside me... was looking at me not spking though...silence was filling in...
I was lost in toughts again... msgs started pouring in" good morning..have a nice day" but somehow didnt reply....
was still thinking..the old man beside me was closing his eyes n chanting something... he then finally got up after a few mins n took a few steps, turned back, gave me a smile..n said..GOOD MORNING...have a lovely day... I wished him in return n he left.
I suddenly remebered one of my favourite msgs
"The best kind of a friend is 1 with whom you sit on a bench saying nothing and when you get up and go,u feel u have had the best conversation of your life ! "

I was smiling to myself n then noticed a small puppy ( was trying to get on to the small wall between the pavement n beach )made several attempts to get on to the wall n go to the other side..came running from a distance n tried...kept trying( i wanted to help but i am afraid of dogs...i have an alsatian at home! but still !!)n a lot of them are observing this cute ones' attempts n finally it got on to the other side by itself n few who were watching it do, clapped for its would have felt the moments of triumph!!
smiling to myself... I started msging "good morning..have a lovely day ! "

I had a lovely feeling !