Thursday, August 24, 2006


Finally... got my visa!
well let me talk about my title...

I was first rejected a visa... for a silly reason..though it was a bit seriuos for them.. i was asked to get an updated income tax report as my dad is a buisinessman... and i dint take it as it was july 27th and my dad dint file the new one was my bad luck that i was interviewed by a lady and it was already 5pm and there were 100 people behind me there were jus 4 counters operating that day...and to my ever ending luck... 3 counters had female visa officers and only one was by a male person... i thought i will have a tough time and i had it for sure.. the day was very bad..and had major rejects that day.... quite dissapointedly i came back.... dint seriuosly wanted to apply again... i lost all the little interest i had on US of A....
The first time i went i was praying i wud stand in the male officers Q... the person sitting beside me, rejected once,was constantly telling me, girls will be given visas... i said..lets c...and this lucky man grabbed my seat and stood in the male oficers Q...i felt...ok.let him.. poor soul... second time... i will anyway get it...
but mins after this i came out vth my passport in hand...denied!
i dont know wheteher that man got the visa or not.. but came home... dissappointed... then again started chking my dates... the same old process... cought hold of a few people to get some dates.. but fortuanately managed to get the visa dates by my self vth my cousins help... finally attended visa this 21st at chennai.. was very tension at allllll!!!! ( u get used to yaar.. second time!!) i was smiling at those who r preparing for their interviews..y masters.. y this univ... and stuff... after all i am their senior! and the day was pretty cool too.. even my dad dint bother much to wait outside the consulate... he said he vl come after 3 hrs and left... went in..finished all the proceedings..and finally sat in the Q.. then i saw my luck turning Red.... i was asked to go to the same lady again.... i jus told the security guy... that i vl have some water n then join.... he asked me to leave th efile in the same row and then go.... i went into the rest room.. made up my mind that..what ever happens will be favourable...washed my face... jus gulped some water... came back nd what do i c ?!! the lady closed her counter!!!!
I was surprisingly very happy... i was very sure that second that i vl get my visa... and know what? i managed immediately to stand in the same male person's Q the first time i missed....!
Now let me tell u about this man... this man is the youngest chap in the counsulate... thin..fair..very cute...around 27 yrs..and ressembles TOM CRUISE ( TC) a bit...very friendly guy.. puts u in ease... he issues visas to almost everyone possible... i stood in this
TC's Q.. and god knows y i was laughing for my self .. i was looking like an idiot.. so happy.. if i am going there to the counter to ask him for a date! instead of preparing what to answer him..i was staring at this man... and sudenly he looked at me..and i jus managed a small grin... and came into my right senses... he asked me a few simple questions... i was confident i vl get it.. so answered them well... he put me on hold for 10 mins... and he was almost done and i was thinking what shud i tell him if he asks" what wud u do if u were given a visa?"..i was preparing this answer... and all the thoughts i was geting were... "i wud thanq u... invite u over coffee.. run back nd hug my father... thanx sir... u look like tom cruise.... wud u care for some coffee vth me???"i was thinking crap! utter crap! just then heard him saying... "mam ia mglad to inform u vl be recieving ur passport in 3 days to the address u mentioned..njoy ur stay in US" b4 he turned back..i put him in some convo..can i get my visa today itself...i have very little time....can i use the rush hour service.." hmmm so desperate to go to US ahh??!!" this time i gave a broad smile... and said i wud rather collect it at my address...and waved him good bye... ran out and hugged my father...and told him tom cruise gave me the visa!! ithink.. more than the happiness of getting visa..i am happy bcoz tom cruise gave it to me!
and u guys..anyone planning to go for visa in chennai... go to tom cruise...!

and here i am writing posts for my blog... when i have tons to buy..pack..and do... know what i am planing to fly this 27th from banglore to boston, and i dint even buy a suitcase yet!
i dint want to have these big suitcases in my house unneccessarily...i was waiting for my visa to be perfectly done..!! so had lots of things in pending... so u guys take care...njoy... i shall update as soon as possible..i started missing my home... pc... food..beach...already!

mixed feelings kya?!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Remembering those yester years...

Fifteen years...fifteen long years of friendship..
Am not remembering my yester years jus bcoz tommorrow is a friendship's day.. it has a different reason...the ones familiar vth my blog know about 'josh' my frenz..and 'j' and 'o' were issued a visa to USA and j is starting tommorrow to USA... my only best frend since my 3rd standard......even though we were seperated for so many years in between bcoz of our careers.. this time a lot more centi is wrapped up...and the fact that we cant c each other for 2 yrs is overrid by our sweet moments v spent vth each other...
cycling those years back...
i met her first in a picnic in mudsallova( the then famous picnic spot..vth crocodiles in the its closed ofcourse..) ...though we were from different sections..we still dont understand, how we grew to be so thick frenz...those meetings in the break time..the cycle rides.. the waiting after school to have a joyfull ride on our cycles holding hands..the pride we had while doing so..( that was a very big feat in those days for us!)..the cycle rides to beach in the evenings..
school days.. computer classes.. NCC in the higher classes..exams...ranks..studies..other frenz..those silly jokes we shared..gossip..and my silly peoms to i used to admire her..and buying guvas after school..five stars!..and run home fast not to get a hearing from parents... how we used to meet in the evenings secretly... and wishing each other on birthdays ..and cribbing that " i called first ..i called first" silly were those days.. how beautiful those days were...greeting cards.. small gifts.. the sense of humour she had made her get a lot of attention from others in school..but i had a pride in heart that she is MY friend... and times rolled so fast that we had little time for each other...and then came my worst period in life..i was seperated for 2 years from her due to various reasons..politics i wud say... those two years were horrible to me..
I had no life other than was very dificult for me to whole life used to revolve round her.. suddenly i had no one bside me... life became tougher... but i started learning things... it was new to me..but slowly i got adjusted.. i lost count of those nights when i had nothing to do but to wet my pillow ... then suddenly "o","s","h" came into my life and then life seemed intresting..and then the day wasnt far when i met j again

my treasure! Posted by Picasa
and we jus holded hands n cried...i went back home vth tear-filled eyes..but i was very happy... i had jus one glimpse every time i closed my eyes..v cycling on streets holding our hands... then therez no looking back.. we spoke so much..we shared so much.. and we had gr8 time after that...but again i had to leave to madras for my engineering...and we had these long phone calls and letters and mails... the pictures we took... our regular meetings in our hangout place...and our asusual bench to hang around.... teasing...long stories of each ones college lifes...that freindship day craze for cards nd roses... ice creams..our fav french fries( bcoz we can sit and chat for an hour..vth jus 20 bucks!!)..our all time fav manchurian...and now after 4 years ...we are again parting... she is going to a different place and far away from my univ..and i was denied a visa..
time did roll fast...but all the memories are so fresh in my mind..i cherished my time vth her..and i was so lost in thinking that i dint bother to get a gift for her when she is leaving... i met her and she was busy packing.. said bye and then i thought i vl gift her something...i went out nd bought a " long chain typed watch vch u hang around ur neck" for her..i cudnt find anything lighter or better for her to carry it to US in that last min shopping of mine... she came out and said..u idiot y did u go out at this hour to get something! i am glad she liked it...
driving home( hey we both have similar bikes honda activas!) i had my little drops roll down my cheek...but this time i was praying for her...i was happy for her... i was happy for our friendship...and then thoughts were rolling back to our good old days again... i got a msg today morning- "happy friendship day..i miss u! vth luv-
j "

Posted by Picasa rolling back those memorable times? I cherish my friendship...i love them all.. Happy friendhip day to all of u..njoy..

feelings were cyclying up and down!

hi... i got a few comments on this post.. but i am very pleased to see a very good poet "JAGS" respond to my post..and inturn write a poem on my friendship.... this is the link to that poem..its written in those who can understand..njoy the poem... i am really happy to c words