Monday, April 20, 2009


A rushed up morning, with vague remembrance of my unfinished dream, painfully swollen eyes which urge to hit back the bed and chilly morning dew on the window pane. A quick bath and refreshment, and papers,files, laptop, charger, pens, notes, keys and snacks all to be packed and ready to go in the new look. Not to forget the dose of energy charger for the day - my Coffee! A quick drop off at the place and a dozen things in hand... I run to the second floor of the building and wait to be noticed. After an unending long 30 minutes, I get to meet the person I am waiting for and can feel the butterflies in my stomach. I get into the office- unpack my stuff, and start... 60 long minutes and I get a mixed review of what took me 48 hours to prepare.
I brush up the negatives and patch it up well and arrange the stuff to make it appear good. Snacks were microwaved and all set to be served and Coffee brought in the last minute from a helping hand filled the room with its strong aroma. A tiny sweat and more of papers in front of me- letters literally started dancing in the air and then- all of a sudden, the mind goes ............. blank!
Nothing got registered and and I plug in all the electronic equipment.. People walked in.. grabbed some of the snacks- good reviews of how well the snacks tasted and -one, two and three... doors closed, lights off and start!
I am going to present on the topic bio-hydrogen from........ ..... ...... ...... ..... .... ....
25 minutes later- Thank you- lights on and the real fun starts. One round after another, and finally after 3 full rounds of questions i step out of the room. 8 long minutes filled with prayer, a walk in the corridor and then an old man walks out of the room and puts his hand forward - CONGRATULATIONS, you have successfully completed your masters.
A few hand shakes and smiles.. a few signatures and paper work and its all over!
Nothing struck me for 10 minutes. Its all over. 3 years of hard work done which was recognized in just 2 hours. Slowly the butterflies started dancing.. and I got back to my self. Yayyyyyyy I graduated!
My first credible success so far. It took a couple of minutes to start actually feeling it and by the time i walked half way through i almost flew in the air and was dancing in the middle of the road. Immediate calls to my dearest hubby and all my loved ones and a series of wishes and loving hugs... I cannot ask for more. I was never as happy as this day for my success.
In my heart of my hearts, I was acknowledging and thanking all of them who have helped me reaching this phase and the list kept increasing with each passing minute.
Moments! The skies started showering too by the evening and I got all the heavenly blessings my way!
I graduated today.

Feelings are dancing like butterflies in the air!!